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Regional, typical and “devilishly” delicious:
Good cuisine has a long tradition in and around the Teufelsmoor. The emphasis is regional, the ingredients come from the area. The dishes are freshly prepared for you in-house. Your master chef Rolf Rohdenburg and his team are available for your special requests. Typical regional recipes are an integral part of our menu.

Trupermoor Wedding Soup
Grandma Luise met the taste of the time with her Trupermoor wedding soup in the 1950s. Even then, she made her delicious soup for weddings. Since the opening of our restaurant in Lilienthal, the speciality has become a popular dish. The consommé is home-made and served in-house with regional products. Meet balls, asparagus and egg custard give the wedding soup its incomparable taste.

Pot jellied brawn – grandmother’s style
Pot jellied brawn grandmother’s style on the table conjures up culinary memories. Grandmother was simply the best, her culinary art continues to set standards today. The pot brawn, regional and from our own production, follows exactly this tradition. Grandmother’s recipe forms the basis. As in the past, tartar sauce, pickles and golden-yellow fried potatoes round off the rustic dish.

Knipp (North German sausage speciality)
Knipp according to Grandma Rohdenburg’s recipe is served regionally and traditionally with crispy fried potatoes. Pickled cucumber and apple sauce create the very special flavour. Grandpa was the butcher, Grandma the cook. Tradition brought this special dish onto our menu and into the hearts of our guests.

“Devilish” pork schnitzel

“Devilish” pork schnitzel is a trademark of the Teufelsmoor region. Fried potatoes and crispy lettuce make it the perfect meal. Both are good quality, regional and locally grown.

Trupermoor bread basket
The Trupermoor bread basket consists of regional breads made ready for you, which display the full range of baked goods. Together with herb butter and tomato dip it becomes the ideal starter that brings regional charm to your palate.

Home-smoked duck breast

The home-smoked duck breast brings a special flair to the table. This typical regional meal with mushrooms, orange slices, potato dumplings, cranberries and cream sauce is truly a festive dish. The duck breast is freshly smoked for you in-house, the sauce is of course self-made.

Caramel cream
The freshly prepared caramel cream with apple slices is a typical regional dessert that rounds off your meal.

We wish you a pleasant stay, good cuisine and a healthy appetite!